can dogs eat shrimp?

The smell and taste of shrimp attract many dogs, but this does not mean that dogs are allowed to eat shrimp. So if you want to know if your dog can eat shrimp, you need to know that precautions are required to give shrimp. If the shrimp are not well prepared for the dog, it can also be harmful and dangerous. In the following, we will explain more about giving shrimp to dogs.

Can my dog ​​eat shrimp?

The answer is yes, but not all parts of the shrimp

To give shrimp to your dog, you must pre-cook the shrimp well and peel it. Shrimp skin and scalp are harmful to the dog’s digestive tract and cause intestinal obstruction. That’s why your dog is not allowed to eat shrimp normally. You have to cook shrimp for him.

Remember that giving shrimp regularly and without a schedule is not suitable for your dog’s health.
While dogs can eat shrimp, this does not mean that they are entirely safe. If you want to include them in your pet’s diet, you need to take precautions. We will explain the benefits and harms of using shrimp in the following.

Potential Benefits Of Shrimp For My Dog

Many dogs love seafood, especially shrimp. Shrimp is suitable for dogs because it is rich in nutrients. Shrimp is rich in animal protein, omega-3 fatty acids of marine origin, antioxidants, and nutrients and are low in calories.
In addition, shrimp include:

  • Antioxidants
  • Phosphorus
  • Selenium
  • Vitamin B12.

However, it would be best if you were careful to give a small amount to your dog so that the risks do not outweigh the benefits.

risk factor of Shrimp for My Dog

The main disadvantage of shrimp is that they have a lot of salt. Therefore, excessive consumption of them can have adverse consequences on your pet’s health.

Shrimp contain cholesterol, which can cause severe damage to the dog, mainly if he eats a lot.
In addition, dogs are prone to allergies, and shrimp can exacerbate this problem.

It can be upsetting for shrimp. Dogs are also prone to a variety of food allergies, including shrimp.
Eating shrimp will significantly impact his health, whether he eats very little or more.

Also, be sure to prepare the shrimp properly. Cooking shrimp is essential to kill all the bacteria and provide fresh and good food for the dog to eat.

Can a dog eat raw shrimp?

Raw shrimp is a source of various bacteria, including the dreaded Salmonella and Listeria. Even undercooked shrimp can make your dog sick, so call your veterinarian if you suspect your dog has eaten raw shrimp.

Can my dog ​​eat shrimp tail?

Dogs can not eat shrimp shells and tails because they may block the dog’s intestines. Shrimp tails and shells are made of chitosan, which is difficult to digest, and their fragile, sharp tissue makes them easy to get stuck in the digestive tract or pierce the intestinal wall.

Eating shrimp tail, head, and skin is dangerous for dogs. If your dog has eaten shrimp tails, take your dog to the nearest veterinary center for a checkup.

What should I do if my dog ​​eats shrimp?

If you have allergies, your dog will have reactions that are sometimes relatively uncomfortable.

So, you will surely recognize an adverse reaction to eating shrimp between diarrhea, skin irritation (especially in the back), intestinal problems (which lead to excessive gas), and ear inflammation. So if your dog has symptoms of allergies or eats raw shrimp, you should consult a veterinarian.

Animal health professionals can better help you and tell you what to do.

How much shrimp can a dog eat?

You can include shrimp in your dog’s diet, but it is recommended that you do so in small amounts. As you know, this food contains sodium, and consuming large quantities of it is harmful.

Moderation is also essential if you add another food to your pet’s diet. Usually, one or two shrimps are enough for most dogs.

It is also recommended to cook the shrimp well before giving it to your pet. You must first wash shrimps, the head and shell removed. Cooking kills bacteria and provides safe and healthy food for your dog.

What can I substitute for shrimp?

If you want to give your safe dog seafood, you have several alternatives to shrimp.


Do not hesitate to cook salmon, separate it from the bones and serve it to your dog. It is delicious, healthy, and does not pose any danger to him. In addition, it will strengthen the immune system and reduce inflammation.


Sardines are cheap, small, and very rich in nutrients. In addition, they are rich in omega-3s and proteins. They are suitable for the health of the dog.

For sardines, know that they help your dog have a soft, silky coat. The risk of osteoarthritis will be limited, and omega 3 and 6 consumption with this fish will be good.

Either way, you need to prepare them properly, as bones may be present and may harm your dog.

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