Top 5 curly haired cat breeds

Cat fur is one of the most essential factors in the attractiveness of cats. Cats are also available in different types in terms of fur and hair size, for example: short hair cats, long hair, without hair (such as sphynx) and …

But some cats have curly hair. That’s suitable for cats with curly hair !!

In this article, we want to introduce you to cat breeds that have curly and curly hair.

Curly-haired cats, which result from a natural genetic mutation, can have short or long hair and have a unique feature of curly moustaches.

Cat breeds that end in "Rex" are usually curly-haired cats. But some races are an exception.

The most popular curly hair cat breed are:

  • Devon Rex
  • Selkirk Rex
  • Cornish Rex
  • LaPerm
  • American Wirehair

devon rex cat

Devon Rex

Devon Rex is a cat with an unusual physique. This cat has a small triangular head, sharp and long ears and a curly coated cat. This cat breed has a sheep-like appearance and coat, but its face, corners and head look like a bat.

One of the exciting things about these curly cats is that even their moustache is curly.
Devon is similar to the Sphynx cat, but it’s a hairy version.

sphynx vs devon rex breed

This cat will be the best child friend he can play with because he is a cat that needs companionship and is very kind.

Devon Rex cat is very kind, playful and lovable and is dependent on its owner. This cat breed does not tolerate much loneliness, so it should not be left alone for long.

To get acquainted with cat breeds that tolerate the loneliness of their owners, I suggest you read the following article:

cat breeds that can be left alone

Selkirk Rex

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex is a breed of cat with high curly hair. This breed is usually available in two types, shorthair and longhair. The Selkirk Rex has a curly-haired cat with both short and long hair.

In addition to the fluffy coat and wool, the eyebrows, moustache and ear hair are curly. Behaviorally and personally, he is very similar to the Persian cat, just as calm, peaceful and quiet.

Selkirk will be an ideal companion for calm people.
This breed is loving and patient and has a good relationship with other family members, especially children.

cornish rex

Cornish Rex

The Cornish Rex looks like the Devon Rex, with the same triangular head and long ears. On the other hand, he has relatively short and very curly hair.

The short coat of this breed of cat has caused a little hair loss. Cornish Rex is very sweet, smart, playful and loves to eat fish.

Cornish Rex is a calm cat and adapts quickly to apartment life, but this cat breed can not be left alone for long.
This cat loves its owner and is very loyal.



LaPerm goes by its name, derived from the word “perm” because its long, curly hair creates such an impression.

LaPerm is very curious and likes to be aware of everything. Athlete and playful, he wants to spend time with his owner and hug him. They love outdoor living and appreciate the outdoors, so a flat cat will not be perfect.

A LaPerm's fur is curly, with the tightest curls on the throat and on the base of the ears. LaPerms come in many colours and patterns. LaPerms generally have a very affectionate personality. Wikipedia

American Wirehair

American Wirehair

American Wirehair A cat with rough curly hair. What is the reason?
The end of this cat’s hair is hooked, so it looks rough when touched.

The American Wirehair has an independent spirit; he likes to be able to use a garden where he can hunt and hide as he pleases. But the social and playful aspect of this breed makes them a great playmate for children.

the bottom line

Curly-haired cat breeds are not necessarily rare, but they are rare breeds. These cats often get special attention because of their curly hair. Caressing a cat with curly hair is more of an experience than a typical human cat. That’s why these cats have their own fans. This breed of cat is often sensitive, kind and dependent cats. If you are looking for a loyal and playful companion, they will be your friends.


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