What is the best outdoor cat breed?

There are breeds of cats that are very suitable for living in an apartment; these breeds like to stay indoors and not go out. But some cat breeds are the opposite and instinctively like to live outdoors. These breeds need open space to meet their physical needs or control their energy levels. These cats need outdoor space to meet requirements such as hunting, playing, mountaineering, etc.

This article will look at cat breeds that love outdoor living. If you have a house with a large yard and you want to have a cat, this article will help you choose the best cat breed for your outdoor space.

best outdoor cat breeds are:

  • Turkish Angora
  • Norwegian cat
  • Maine Coon cat
  • Siberian cat
  • Bengal
  • Burmese
  • Chartreux
  • Abyssinian
  • British Short Hair
  • European Shorthair

Turkish Angora cat

Turkish Angora

The roots of Turkish angora go back to ancient Egypt. Angora cats are very active, playful and confident creatures and are not prone to bloating and snoring.

This cat has high intelligence and is very skilled in solving puzzles and mental games. Angora is not satisfied until they solve the riddle. It is also a lively breed and is not suitable for apartment life.

This cat hates being confined to small spaces and can not be left alone for long. A village is ideal for this cat breed, as access to large areas allows it to meet its needs for independence and freedom.

From the first moment they are with you, all their love and affection for Patton falls on them, and they show interest in all your activities. They like to help you in everything, let alone that they do more sabotage than help.

Norwegian cat

Norwegian cat

The Norwegian cat, also known as the “Norwegian forest cat“, is a long-haired, wild-looking cat that is very attractive. In fact, this cat breed is one of the giant cat breeds globally.

This cat’s size and muscle strength make it ideal for the outdoors. Norwegian cats are very good at mountaineeringjumping and like to play and hunt.

In addition, they have a very social and peaceful nature with fellow humans or other animals.

Due to this cat breed’s large size and high energy level, it is on the list of the best outdoor cat breeds.

The Norwegian cat is one of the cats that can be left alone for a while, but this time should not be too long. Read the following article to get acquainted with cat breeds that tolerate loneliness.

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Maine coon cat outdoor

Maine Coon Cat

Maine Coon is as big as a Norwegian cat. This cat breed is one of the most giant breeds of domestic cats.
Despite its large size, this cat has a calm and peaceful temperament.

Unlike his Norwegian cousin (Norwegian cat), he does not feel the need to run, to climb everywhere.

Nevertheless, Maine Coon’s hunting instinct and athletic physique make him appreciate outdoor access, especially as he needs exercise to maintain balance. Maine coon and Norwegian cats are large outdoor cat breeds.

Siberian cat on the tree stump

Siberian cat

As the name implies, the Siberian cat is a breed of cat resistant to cold and harsh weather conditions. This cat was born to live outdoor.

The Siberian cat is independent and likes to live freely, and has no problem spending day and night outside the house. This breed may even roam for a few days and stay away from home.

So if you have this breed of cat, expect something like this that you will not see for a few days. Nevertheless, he is very loyal and dependent on his master. He will always return home.

Bengal cat outdoor


Bengal is a mixed cat resulting from a cross between a domestic cat and a wild cat. This cat is very similar to the black leopard of South Asia.

Due to the wild origin of Bengal, they are very energetic and like to climb trees. In addition, the Bengal cat loves water and bathing (unlike many other cat breeds). Having a small yard or garden with clothes or a pond is the best space for this hybrid cat to spend time and have fun.

Burmese cat outdoor


The breed of cats, originally from Thailand, is very agile and lively, very close to humans, and communicates well with its peers.

Burmese cats are constantly moving, and you rarely see them resting. Due to the high activity and energy and the need for physical activity, having a garden with another cat is ideal for this cat. In this open space, they can play with their peers, enjoy their outdoor social life, and balance their energy levels.

Chartreux cat


Chartreux is a calm and social cat, an excellent option for living with family.

This cat is usually compatible with living in an apartment and can tolerate it. But Chartreux should have an open space, a garden and a yard where he can explore and drain his energy.

Chartreux is a best outdoor cat for mice

This cat is known as a mouse hunter. The strong hunting instinct in this cat makes it easy to hunt mice. So do not be shocked if you see your cat catch a mouse and show it to you. This is inherent.

Abyssinian cat outdoor


A cat whose roots go back to ancient Egypt. Abyssinian cats are very energetic, playful, lively and dynamic and may sometimes sabotage. This cat, who can not sit still, loves to play and take care of him.

The presence of open space is significant for the hyperactive character of this cat because he can jump, run and play as he wants. Abyssinian cats have a good relationship with dogs and children and are gentle with them.

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British Short-Hair outdoor

British Short Hair

This cat breed is also very calm and has an entirely independent personality, especially their female sex.

British Shorthair loves outdoor because it keeps their sense of freedom and hunting instinct alive. The countryside and countryside are great for keeping this cat, as it can hunt and roam as it pleases.

This cat has a moderate energy level and, unlike some other breeds, is not interested in climbing on household items. For this reason, this breed is an excellent choice for the elderly living in rural and suburban areas.

European shorthair cat

European Shorthair

European cats (European short hairs) that look like DSH cats. This cat has an independent, active and dynamic personality.

It is enough to give him an ample open space to enjoy life. This breed loves to hunt, and you can see that it is always practising hunting and looks at everything as prey.

This cat breed is suitable for the outdoors. Still, despite having an independent personality, it depends entirely on its owner. This breed of a cat always stays loyal to its owner, even if he by nature likes to live in the garden.

The bottom line

Well, in this article, we have introduced the best outdoor cat breeds, so that you can get acquainted with them. So if your living environment is suitable for these cat breeds, you can have them by your side and enjoy living with them.


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